Customer Satisfaction

During our many years of service, B & D Builders has earned a solid reputation.  We would like to share some of comments from our clients: 


Jack M - Woodland Hills


We are on our second remodeling project with B & D.  In fact, we didn't

even bother to seek a competitive bid on the current project.  So I
guess that answers the question of whether we would hire them again.
But if you want reasons, here are a few:

1. They're hands-on.  If you like the kind of contractor who gives you a
bid, then only shows up for few minutes now and then to bark some orders
at the subs, then B & D are not for you.  They're here almost every day,
and even do much of the work themselves.

2. Where other contractors may ignore or cover up problems if they can
get away with it, B & D go out of their way to fix them.  They treat
your house like they would their own.

3. They don't "game" the contract, using it as an excuse for minimum
effort and/or maximum add-on charges.  I was very pleasantly surprised
at how little they charged us for innumerable add-ons and changes we
inserted into our first project.

4. They're easy to get along with, because they genuinely enjoy dealing
with the human (emotional, irrational, etc.) side of residential
contracting.  And because they want the same things as the customer does
- a finished project everyone is happy with, not just the day it's
finished but years later.





Karla and Rick Bagley
It isn't often you can use the words "reliable", "honest" and "builder/contractor" in the same sentence.  But that is exactly what we got when we hired B&D Builders of Woodland Hills to remodel our master bedroom and bathroom.
From the start, B&D (Bill and Doug) made our project their top priority and worked with us every step of the way to convert our small and poorly designed living space into a beautiful, functional and relaxing retreat.  And like the magicians they are, they created our new environment without adding one single square inch to the dimensions of our rooms or home.
Their attention to detail, "can do" positive attitude and uncompromising desire to complete the job on time and within budget, gave us great peace of mind as well as confidence in them and their work.  These are very skilled and experienced craftsmen, who could do it all and would not rest until they knew we were happy.
Perhaps most impressive is the way Bill and Doug  handle the inevitable unforeseen issues that always come up whenever an older home is remodeled.  Instead of sweeping a challenge under the rug or halting the rest of the project while options are being considered, Bill and Doug calmly, professionally and intelligently find solutions that not only work, but make for a better finished project.
We give B&D Builders our highest recommendation, we trust them implicitly and will look to them first whenever we consider any building project in the future.
They are not only reliable and honest builder/contractors, Bill and Doug are good people who take pride in what they do and treat their clients like family.  It just doesn't get much better than that.



Will and Chris  Topanga, CA 


We have had our two new bathrooms and refinished living room/dining room hardwood floors for a couple of months now and could not be happier.  B&D Builders were an excellent choice for the work we had done which included moving a wall, removing a wall and window, and adding a new window as well as all new plumbing, fixtures and tile.  When you are going to have people you really don’t know very well in your house day after day for a couple of months these are the kind of people you want.  Friendly, conscientious, and respectful is what they bring to the job as well as quality building experience.  There is no remodel that does not have unexpected circumstances.  B&D handled all such issues professionally with additional costs that were fair and reasonable or in a number of cases with no additional costs at all.  They were especially helpful in the beginning with design ideas and advice on fixtures and materials.  Before the bathrooms and floors were finished we were already having them do additional work and will continue to have them back for future projects. They were recommended by friends who had used them previously and we have since recommended them to other friends.